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11-10-2012, 04:41 PM
1. Decent Execution of Star trek Mythos and universe. (Epic story lines, Combat + puzzle solving. Political and Scientific intrigue. and all the little fanboy quirks, such as beaming up, the comm chirp, Red Alert Klaxons, the sound effects.)

2. Fast paced and engaging combat. (You actually feel like you are in combat shouting out orders. You push a button and it happened in real time. You have to maneuver your ship around in space. One thing that has me disappointed in EVE is how sterile combat is... lock on target, turn on your cannons.... and then get up for a cup of tea. Also, in Space and ground combat, the space gets cluttered with debris and explosions and gravity wells )

3. My fleet. (My awesome awesome Kickass fleet from around the world with loads of tales of badassery and awesomeness.)