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I know it's a weekend, but it's been something that I've had trouble with the last few weeks, and it's only been getting worse. Just a few minutes ago I was trying to do the Tour the Universe (short run, of course), and I spent 21.5 mins looking at loading screens by minute 36 of the hour (and I was a minute late to start because of...loading).

That is just plain ridiculous. And this is with all settings turned down to min, and no downloads or anything running in the background. My connection to the server is good - no lag or any of that stuff, just the bloody loading.

The biggest offenders are of course ESD, DS9, and SFA (Klingon Academy as well), in that order, but Sol system itself takes a while sometimes, and randomly different sectors will take up to a minute themselves to load. It's not the patching; I can see when that happens, and it wasn't happening here.

I have not played any other game that has loading this long after an install/patch. As I said, this is ridiculous.