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11-10-2012, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by jackdonner View Post
When you get stuck on a loading screen, close sto, restart start it, and load back in. It's alot faster if you do that. I have trouble sometimes too. When it sits at 96.3 for more then 20 seconds, i relog. Dont know if they ever will fix that, but if you just relog it may help.
I want to avoid that, because that itself will take a couple of minutes, at least.
You must have alot of patience, as i would never sit there for 20 minutes waiting..
I don't sit here for 20 mins, It was 5+mins x 3 loading ESD, plus the loading for everything else. But still, this is crazy. I see folks getting 64+ pickups, while I only get 34 usually, and the last couple of times I've only gotten about 20. This time I gave up after 12, because a race is not fun if you're not racing.