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Originally Posted by nynik View Post
How much dilithium would all those marks etc convert into through the reputation system conversion projects?

Well all of that stuff it doesn't give enough to produce one piece of XII gear, considering there the is proto space tech that's not on.
Just looking at the tech items, ignoring salvage and edc's, to construct all of those in S7 it will take :
11,625 Omega Marks
10 Neural Processers
301,000 Dilithium
768,000 Expertise

Now I wouldn't totally object to a small depreciation with the conversion, because there is a flexibility gained from moving to the new system, BUT the conversion including the salavage & edc's will cost me 75% of the OM required, 98.7% of the Dilthium required, 100% of the Expertise required. OK so there's a 40% gain on Procesors but that hardly balances out overall.
If it was 10% cut I could live with that, but this is closer to a 80% cut which is taking the piss.

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