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11-10-2012, 04:50 PM
On 5 different characters pretty much on par with everyone else...

I'm not quite sure if its working as its supposed to... I was under an impression that we might get some sort of faction standing for what we had allready done. Well, won't be the first time I've ever gotten that impression in this game.

My existing anti borg gear was entirely retained, as were both Omega gear, KHG gear, and MACO gear sets and pieces (the notes led me to be belive those would either get locked up or converted. I was rather surprised to see them to tell you the truth)

More bothersome was absolutly no faction standing for the several 100 STF's runs on my Kui character. (Klingon Medal of honor recipient eh.. sure you are...) At this point the only incentive really for getting Omega faction will be the additional captains skills unlocks.

(I do note that I have damd little room left in my power trays as it is to be adding new active abilities from either Omega or Romulan standing.. I haven't really looked at which are actives and which are passives)

The Omega Task force gear I would be wanting to get will not become availible I'm assuming untill I hit tier 4 or 5 as I have several entire sets of Mk XI anti borg gear. The few elite missions I ever ran never got me anything 'cept EDC's. I never was able to get any of the protype borg salvage at all.

What it all boils down to is this tells me I'm going to be running one hell of a lot more borg missions once again, (which I'm really not sure I want to bother with) and that all of the previous STF's I'd run don't seem to really count for anything else, other then a now obsolete accolades which grant me some titles and some passives.... which may or may not be retained... Again I haven't checked this mostly due to a certain perhapes justified but none the less irrational irritation. (by some folks POV...

I really do not understand Cryptic reticence on being a bit more generous on these conversions to tell you the truth. It really doesn't cost them anything but the time to set it up, and the employee pay costs, and frankly they could use some good will.. especialy from us KDF oriented types are have a long standing gripe with them after 3 years. If this is the final form of the conversion frankly I can predict most players are going to be decidedly unhappy about it. I've noted what a great many have shown to be tucked away in the Omega stash box and apparently diminishing returns is once again the flavor of the day.

I think I better use simple words for the critiqe on this.

Conversion rate bad! Conversion rate stingy! Conversion not reflect previous player efforts. Players not getting credit where credit most important.. FACTION REPUTATION!
Situation? Unsatifactory! Fail! Go sit in corner! Players NOT Cryptic or PWI employee's. Do not treat customer incentives like employee incentives. Treat better! Customers revenue stream. Customer opinions impact how product recieved and percieved. PWI, Cryptic appear too stingy, greedy.

Current process violate orginal intent STO, which say "Casual MMO".. mean entertaining content. easy strait forward play. Attaractive to new gamers, approchable. Not need be math expert!

*sigh* Ok, back to real sentences.

I'm not happy with this "conversion" at all.. which apperently doesn't really convert much of anything. What I do have in the conversion I can't get at untill I hit Omega faction tier 3, and I have recieved ZERO faction standing for the several hundred STF's and related anti borg content all ready done.

Did someone at cryptic not realize that the Faction standing is the part that we would players find most important? Good lord! I am NOT interested in running Defera invasion content and several hundred STF missions all over again.

Reward us with Faction standing for what we've allready done, instead of simply taking all of the time we have spent on this content and other then the gear we allready have rendering it moot. Anyone with the Medal of Honor accolade and title should allready be at Omega Force tier 3 or 4 standing, if not tier 5 in some cases for those that have recieved Mk-XII set unlocks.

Seriously my fellow gamers.. This is not anywhere near what I would term acceptable..

I declare this conversion NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME untill some accomadation is made to credit players with some faction standing for what they've allready done. I really unhappy with this.. sure conversion of "unspent" edc's and salvage to the new currency is all well and good (even if it is more then a tad stingy and apparently yet more untradable "currency") but it still does not give any recognition for what players have all ready accomplished. Not good, not good at all.

Khemaraa sends.
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