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Originally Posted by starkyman View Post
lets just face it they work on they greed and not what needs fixin they just see us as cash points holes in the wall they don't really care about us just money...
Your Tag say "Can't make a living off greed"

I wish that were true.. but appantly you most certainly can if you got a willing bunch of customers (read as marks, shills etc) who keep having faith that you will one day grock the idea and redem your wicked ways. Truthfully, happens all the time...Fact of the matter is, corporations count on it..

As for the [Borg] weps.. They always worked as intended as near as I've ever been able to tell.. I most certainly have noticed the differences when I DON'T have them equipped. The cloak bug is a bit more frustrating then when the [Borg] proc doesn't proc. It really to the point where as slow as I am on the keyboard anyway I just really don't even bother with cloaking other then on the approch to target. And then only in PvP. In PvE the AI tends to react as programmed when you cross a thresh hold at a set distance, or with in a certain area. Against a powerfull AI cloak is useless because if you get poped under cloak in most cases your crippled, or dead and either way unable to return fire untill the cloak effect passes... On the other hand if you had shields under cloak it might actually be usefull, but other then the limited effect of surprise..its pretty useless really. Honestly.. I've really never understood Fed player reactions to cloak.. Theres just to damd many ways for the cloak to be violated, nulified, and rendered useless.. to the point its more of a liability then an asset. One day in a PvP match against a group of fed SCI ship players brought that home to me with a passion.. Sci AOE's love to nibble on your KDF ships hull under cloak, void the cloak, and leave you unable to return fire for a small about of time..... Cloak is really not that much of an adavantage, and only BOP's and the vet rewards destryer have Battle cloak.. and the one ship that CAN fire under cloak can only fire torps..and has the weakest hull rating of any tier 5 ship in the game (and most tier 3's for that matter) Only absolute experts (with a healthy levening of luck) need apply if your going to use THAT ship in PvP.

There is one undocumented way of mtigating the worst of the cloak bug if anyone interested..go to your setting and shut off/eliminate NPC messages off! ((I don't recall the exact setting but it is there!)) This wont effect mission dialog, but it will eliminate incidental dialog from causing it. Players with good situational awareness don't need the incedental dialogs, and those that don't have it.. well.. it won't help them anyway, so from a purely gaming standpoint just shut the silly stuff off. It'll improve game performance too by eliminating calls that take CPU and VDU and in some cases audio processor cycles for players on low spec machines.
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