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11-10-2012, 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by ethoir View Post
The mobs on Map 2 are separate. Or should be. I will check that soon. The "self defense" objective for Map 1 involves only 3 squads. After they are cleared out the mission progresses to "move out" in which you have to reach the warp out point. That part is normal with the exception that it fails to actually trigger the map transition dialog.

Storyboard screenshots to follow in an edit to this post.
If there is nothing in the storyboard that occurs (as a mission objective on map 2) then the map transition box will not appear. You have to give the player something that they must do on the second map. Just putting enemies on the map will give them something to kill when you playtest the map, but it won't trigger a map transition unless there is a task in the storyboard.

I hope that is a simple fix.