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11-10-2012, 06:51 PM
I run foundry when I want to run foundry. So I'm prepared for the worst. But I'd much rather run foundry when I didn't know I was running foundry, but that would require seamless integration with the regular mission flow (say perhaps random popup red alerts or through actual cluster exploration).

Some people don't like the 'search' for a missions, and I can understand why. The UI, for starters, is abysmal. Star ratings tell you nothing about the type of mission you may be in the mood to play. If people could select missions by type, it would go a long way towards simplifying the process of finding the type of mission you want.

Then again, most people, in my experience, don't know what they want. They only think they do. I've seen how people react to running a mission they thought was a milk run, and it turned out completely different. Its the unexpected that engaged them. Thats why I think the only viable future for foundry is through seamless integration. I want to see the spotlight missions evolve into that, but at a much faster rate, and with much better attempts to move them out of the UI and into the actual game.

I think the whole emphasis on rewards clouds the actual issue. This game has done a bad job at itemization across the board and the result is that people are unhappy with 90% of the items they get from all types of content because after reaching particular thresholds it loses most if not all of it's value, particularly practical value i.e. the if the item could be used and not just sold for EC. Not that its fitting to this thread, but imagine if you could combine 10 lower quality consoles into one of a higher quality. That would actually give items some more value, a use beyond vendoring.
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