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11-10-2012, 06:58 PM
I do agree with most of the gripes that people have about the conversion..

Though I have noticed a couple things..

The Omega, KHG, and MACO ground and space sets I all ready have I am apparently keeping along with any ground or ship weapons and gear purchased from the omega store with EDC's as my character sstill have them in thier inventory, banks, ships, persons and Bridge officers.

The ONLY thing being converted is EDC's and Borg Salvage.
Why is there no conversion to reputation standing? (see next paragraph)
Shouldn't there be an opportunity to trade in existing gear?
(having existing weapons and equipment convert automaticly might be a tad raw to players that don't have any extra equipment laying about to re-equip thier ships, selves, and BO's with)

There is NO conversion into FACTION REPUTATION which to my mind is much more important then mere currency exchange, and this is really what frosts my cookies more then anything else. many hundreds of STF's run and no reflection or credit recieved with the faction for them. I find this rather...surprising.. I got a took that has all but one of the KHG achivements ((not once have I ever had drrop rare borg protype salvage, and I've never won a loot role for any in over 70 elite STF runs, so that last achievment has alway eluded me)) The time spent by players all ready is NOT being credited with any faction reputation standing which I do happen to consider a bit of a raw deal.

The most important reward we should be getting from any sort of conversion, is the one we're not getting in any form.
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