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11-10-2012, 06:38 PM
What I learned in sto was its not the weapon type that determines a good ship build, its what you build around it. Meaning say I take a full tetryon build and then I use transphasic torpedoes. This to me would be stupid because tetryon is designed to bring the shields down quickly so why use a torpedo built to penetrate something your going to bring down fast anyways.

So polaron takes away from energy level of another ship, so maybe getting a quick reload torpedo would be the best choice for that build. The next thing would be to make sure your using tactical consoles designed for poalron damage. They will do more damage this way over a refire chamber, a refire is good for if your mixing multiple cannon types.

You say your using a raptor so I would think the Jem'hadar set or the Borg set would be the best for your escort. Borg is really easy to get. If your using good gear it will take you about 6 elite space stfs, and 3 normal space stfs. Thats not counting if you win a drop. The Borg one has a very strong regen shield, and if you go that way. I would strongly re command you get it before Tuesday. After Tuesday my guess is its going to be a pain the ass to get.

Oh and if you ever decide to go cruiser for pvp read this persons guide. Turrets and non dual cannons do insane things in pvp.

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