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11-10-2012, 06:39 PM
^ i didn't know it was this possible to be wrong about so many things at once. to say i don't know what im talking about, and then to post that useless combination of powers.

CPB? a skill that literally does nothing? TBR and GW? make up your mind to you want them held or pushed? and PSW1, an ability that is useful at cancelling someones ES and EWP, and does nothing else. and you say VM is useless? well its not the best thing there is without doffs, but with it can shut down 3 subsystems for quite a wile very reliably. its sci's best tool right now with doffs.

theres only a handful of people that know the power of 2 AtB, and your clearly not one of them. how does slashing all running cooldowns every 10 seconds sound to you? how does a 10 second power bonus to all other subsystems, every 10 seconds, sound to you? and it absoultly does result in every ability cut down to about its global.

the information in your post is so backward it would be considered trolling, whether thats what your trying to do or not.
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