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11-10-2012, 06:56 PM
They're hiding and moderating any public sentiment about the load time problem so as not to bring it up to public view. Why? Because half the playerbase experiences it EVERY TIME. It's not 1 in 10. Your friends are lucky if that's the case. It's so bad it's not just ESD or DS9 anymore. Just loading different maps on the same storyline mission (Of Bajor) took forever very recently. So I post in real time as I'm waiting... 35 minutes before I have to get to sleep at 1:30 am. Posted repeatedly with time stamps on posts and telling what the % was at that time....

And Cryptic moved the thread to the PC & Technical help forum, claiming I was having technical problems on my end. I complain and they lock my thread. I talk to the mod that moved it and he says "Submit a ticket if you think it was moved incorrectly" -- to which I respond I've DONE THAT BEFORE and they don't give a rat's butt and will not do anything to reign in their moderators at all.

They are in full 100% denial mode. They know what's causing it. There's only one "load level" subroutine that the game can run to load a map. The problem is there. They know this. They refuse to put time and effort into the many game breaking "features" because they never test, never QA, and never look back. They put out crap code then move on to the next $7.00 EVA suit, or the next $25.00 fed ship.

Expect this thread to be moderated as well, once the forum mods that have some sort of directive to hide such threads take notice of it.