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I don't know if I can explain it in any other way that'd make sense if you're still not getting it, my apologies dude.

You're not supposed to get another 16% each time, that would make the conversion utterly pointless. Whatever your effective resistance is, that's your effective health as a result of the tooltip resistance total.

Again, I know it's counterintuitive but it really works. The basic formula is that your tooltip percentage is the amount of extra damage it'll take to kill you after your effective resistance has been applied.

So, with the 1,000 hull example, for +20, you have 16.6%: I only deal 834 damage, meaning it takes 20% more (20% of 834 = 166) for me to kill you. For +40, as you said, you have 28.3%, so I only deal 717 damage, meaning it takes roughly 40% more (40% of 717 = 286) for me to kill you.

There is an extremely mild (to the point where it's negligible) form of diminishing returns, of course, because the system is geared so you can only reach a maximum of 75% effective resist. If you're just slotting consoles, you will always get the same benefit though.

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