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One point that is too often overlooked in threads like this is the issue of teamwork. At least within a PvP context, the effectiveness of a given player is directly related to how well his/her team works together. A mediocre PvP player with a great team will have a decided advantage over a great PvP player with a poor team that never communicates or cross-heals. So, within the context of PvP, it is inappropriate to evaluate either faction based on either individual ships/persons. Perhaps this perspective is appropriate in PvE settings, though even here there are problems.

The same problem plagues many of the Vesta-OP posts. Within a PvP perspective, I don't think the appropriate question is, "How does this ship stand on its own?," but rather, what kind of synergy can the Vesta create in conjunction with other ships. The first question--how does it stand on its own--is important but only to a point. Asking about a ship's ability to create momentum in a team setting, however, is a much more nuanced, sophisticated, and difficult way of evaluating balance, but it is one that we too often overlook in the forums. For my part, I am more terrified of a well-coordinated Fed team, flying non-C-Store ships than i am of 5 captain Kirks (i.e., lone wolf players) in fleet ships, Vestas, etc. with the best equipment, traits and whatever.

In short, I for one do not think that the KDF is overpowered, either in terms of equipment or ships. If people are having difficulties with survivability or lack of ability to be effective in combat, the following questions need to be asked:

1) Is my build optimal (skill tree, boff layout, etc.). Equipment is in fact not the most important thing here, though it does have its place. Ask someone in your fleet or in the forums to give you feedback. There is no shame in this. we are all students.

2) If I am getting demolished, how much teamwork is my team using? If the answer is 0, then you should not be surprised if you are being blasted. If there is no teamwork, then this is an opportunity for you to step up in leadership, call targets, call heals, and coordinate your attack.

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