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Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
Wow, now you're just being nasty, trying to make any credulous newbs reading this thread use a completely worthless build. First, the 3 tech doffs aren't going to push many of these abilities to global, it's only a total of 30%, so TT, ST, CRF, and TB won't be at global. I don't know about VM, because it's the most useless ability in the game, shutting down totally random systems not including shields for just a few seconds. I used it for a few months when I had just started the game before realizing that it's simply a waste of an ability slot. And of course, an AtB build that relies so heavily on Aux for its heals will surely struggle to survive under heavy fire.

Here's the build I'll be using, not optimized I'm sure, but quite potent and a good deal of fun in ESTFs:

2 aux DHC 1 quantum torp, 3 phaser turrets


EPtS1, EPtS2
HE1, TSS2, TR2, GW3

runabouts (subject to change, I may choose a higher damage pet)
1 GW doff, 1 Warp Core Engineer doff, others as you like

For large targets, head in at top speed all weapons firing, hit TR immediately, CSV at 7 km, CPB at 5, and TS for your next torpedo (when the shields may be down). A GW when TR runs out will keep heavy plasma torps in check. Frigates can have GW first and be dead before it runs out. Wait for probes/BoPs to come to you, and use GW when they're fairly close to maximize your firepower. CPB is a utility power: emergency torp killer, tractor beam breaker, or simply extra kinetic damage. TT is primarily for clearing Assimilate Ship, although it can also be used for shield redistribution.

I've pushed this build (minus runabouts and with single cannons) to 4k DPS on my Fleet Recon, I'm very hopeful to do better with the Vesta.
You are mistaken regarding A2B. 2 copies slams everything to global. It's not surprising that you don't understand this because not many people have caught on. I was a fan of Tech doffs but drunk blew my mind when he posted what you can do with doubling them up.

CSV at 7 km is a turd sandwich hold the bread. Here's why.

CPB is terribad. VM is the first thing I want to throw at an escort with a hot stick. TT loaded for shield distribution, so much so that "it can also be used for shield distribution" is so far out of touch I'm not really sure we're playing the same game.

dontdrunkimshoot is one of the most knowledgeable players around. You are posting misinformation regarding the value of abilities because you have a shallow understanding of them. Respecs aren't free, and the one doing a disservice to "credulous newbs" is you.