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11-10-2012, 10:15 PM
I just completd this quest last night and had the same bug: when you have to give McCoy the calculations to heal the personel. The problem is when you try to give McCoy the calculation while he is back to the spot when you first entered the door kneeling at the crew member. You give McCoy the correct reading and nothing happenes.

I followed the suggestion listed in this post how to complete this part. You have to give the calculations to McCoy while he is still walking around. So you have to be fast to scan the 2 other crew members to get the correct calculation, also have to click thur all the choices after you scan them. To get McCoy to reset I had to beam out, it put me back to the 24th century station's maintenance lift. Click on the maintenance lift and it put me back at the respawn point where I have to walk up the ramps and walk in on McCoy kneeled down to the crew member in the middle of the floor. Clicked on McCoy and the same part started over again and was able to complete it.