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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Right on!

There's no substitute to getting humbled by a p2w premade. It's no fun at all, but you get a better appreciation for how strong some combinations can be and why this forum is so passionate about preserving balance in our game.
In my time earlier, I don't think I was going up against any premade teams. I say this since I saw no teams all from one fleet. Could be wrong of course.

But yes, that's exactly what I saw. In one match, my team was going up against a bug. Not surprising in and of itself, but it used some things that have often times been talked about on here. Not just the fact it was a bug in the first place. Mostly Borg heal procs, and as far as I could tell, SNB DOFFs. Again, could be wrong on the DOFFs.

Even besides those things, we just could NOT kill it.

Heck, one of the poor pugs with me, said he never even bothered adding DOFFs to his ship, but would after the match because I told him they could make a MASSIVE difference in performance, as evidenced by our opponents.

Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Yes Kerrat is a good place to experience the best and worse of pvp in small bits. You can still get into a good fight in Kerrat. The kind of fight that reminds you how good the pvp in this game COULD be.

Then you run into some Clowns in the ques all running P2W Synergy builds... Sometimes I blame those clowns. Cause frankly most of them should know better... they seem intent on ruining our game. I mean if the PvPers with a modicum of XP all choose to simply not run the worst of the worst the pvp ques would improve a ton... and who knows perhaps more fresh faces would stick around. Of course in the end it is completely Cryptics fault. They don't and likely never will care about PvP in this game. No matter what a handful of devs say. (those devs enjoy PvP as well and it shows... its unfortunate however they do not call the shots... I would assume there defense of the PvP situation I am sure has to do with who signs there pay checks... not that I speak for them... thats my feeling on that)

Anyway... PvP isn't always a cheese fest... I hope you still que from time to time... evenings where there is a good number of people not being noobs it can be a good time.
I agree on Ker'rat. It can show the extremes, good and bad, along with the lesser things. I've seen both sides use their cheese. Siphon drones for KDF completely draining a poor Fed, or Danubes totally holding down a KDF ship, not to mention loads of DOFFs everywhere.

My little B'rel dropping tric mines might not be fun to deal with for others, but it's a far cry from the worst things the game has to offer. At least with a torp boat, I can't use SNB DOFFs on it.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
welcome op, the game needs more players like you
Thanks, though it's far from my first post here. I managed to find my first thread I posted here:

My thoughts from that haven't change too much, though in that time I've gotten wiser about PvPing and the game in general. Even so, I still enjoy PvPing when I do it, at least when it's fun and fair, as I'm sure most of you all who are still here, do.

And that's the big thing: Fun.

PvP in other MMOs I have played, wasn't fun. It was annoying, it was frustrating, might've been balanced, might not have. The players themselves were usually much worse than the actual PvP.

So, my PvP is normally fun, as long as I feel I am enjoying it (Zamorak forbid if we can enjoy anything in the game sometimes), I will do it. When I start to not have fun anymore, I stop.

I chose to queue up to change things instead of only Ker'rat anymore, and enjoyed it for the most part regardless. But I got a little wiser today in better understanding everyone's reason for really disliking the true imbalance in this game.

Let's not even get into the wait times you have to go through without doing a premade vs premade.

And Jellico, I know how you feel, my fleet is the same, even then for those who do PvP, it's mostly Ker'rat (not that I blame them).

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