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11-10-2012, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Oh, please.

You don't need a vessel as powerful as the Vesta to do PvE.

Any nerfs that are PvP-oriented won't be noticed by the majority of you. You'll still faceroll PvE with the vessel.
I watch a channel of extremely skilled ESTF players some of whom have 13k DPS builds. That's for a Guramba, and does vary down to as low as 9k at times. Their best sci ship player can get up to 5k DPS out of a non-fleet Recon Sci. Given that DPS is the primary factor in ESTFs, that disparity is a major problem.

Now, what kind of nerf are you thinking about? An accuracy nerf might well work, maybe -1% for all Vestas, no one misses in an STF but it is supposed to be important in PvP. Another option might be a reduction in the maximum stack of SA, perhaps to 2/3 of what a normal ship gets, that wouldn't matter most of the time in PvE, but PvPers seem to think that SA is potent. I'm open to these things, I just want to see a level playing field in PvE.