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11-11-2012, 12:11 AM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
I've done Elite STFs with a DSSV armed with nothing special. In fact, it was a heal build for PvP. All I did was set weapons power to 100, and I was destroying the Cubes while keeping myself alive during it.

The AI don't heal themselves and they don't move much. Just broadside and they are dead. Use the counters to their abilities. Use a debuff here and there and they go pop so easily.

No one needs an OP Vesta to complete these STFs easily.
You're absolutely right, a team that knows the mission decently well, watches chat, and has builds that aren't totally incompetent will ultimately finish the mission. A PvP heal build can certainly keep itself alive through an STF (it's designed to do so in a faster paced environment, after all), and if you can stay alive and keep shooting everything will inevitably die. I've done Elites with total strangers and missing a person and still completed comfortably. But you won't get optionals without high powered builds, and you won't cover well for incompetent teamates without high powered builds, and as things stand sci ships basically don't have high powered builds. High level PvE doesn't mean you win, high level PvE means you get the optional with 10 minutes to spare, or you solo ISE and get the optional while the rest of your team sits at the spawn point and applauds. I'm not making those up, either, those are real things that people can do on a regular basis. But not if they're using current sci ships.