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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
your implying high level pve and pvp are somehow on the same level, and you need very different builds to do ether. sorry, thats not how things are. pve even in its most difficult form is so far below pvp in terms of quality build required and skill required, its not even on the same planet. any fleet action i go into i get first place effortlessly, any stf i do i carry the team, often doing more damage then the other 4 combined. these are with my pvp builds, that have to stand up to stresses 10 times as harsh. any good pvp build will face role all pve.

CPB is proboly more worthless in pve, npcs are just huge hitpoint sponges, and thats a skill that does a set amount of damage. player ships have a tiny fraction of the hitpoints, but they have heals, resistance, and rotating active, thats how they make up for it. a skill like CPB would thus be better against player ships

there is no healing problem from 2 AtB at all, with EPtA1, and aux batts, theres always at least 30 aux 90-95% of the time. and all the heals you can use twice as often as well. you wouldn't know this unless you tried it, i tested this extensively and use it in 2 out of 3 of my characters with no healing problems.
You bring everything back to PvP... Something a high percentage of players never do cause it's always been broken as we all know.Anyone else notice that so called Elitist PvPers have the uber builds and the bestest skills?

You lost me when u babbled about PvP

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