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Originally Posted by tinead51 View Post
You bring everything back to PvP... Something a high percentage of players never do cause it's always been broken as we all know.Anyone else notice that so called Elitist PvPers have the uber builds and the bestest skills?

You lost me when u babbled about PvP
the core of pvp is very balanced, and about 30 times funner then the pve. honestly, i dont know how any of you stay interested in this game wile just playing the pve.

pvp is the opposite of broken, it functions wonderfully, theres just a handful of cheese and overpowered crap you encounter every once and a wile. your just repeating this self perpetuating BS that does a lot more damage to pvp then any of the imbalanced things that have been added to it, like the vesta.

pve teaches you how to play wrong, its like the devs are playing a trick on you. a little bit of relearning, and a lot of question asking of pvp'ers that are all happy to help, and a little expereince and you can pvp with the rest of the impossibly good players. and you will be able to steam roll all the pve you play now.

Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
I don't know what you're doing with it to achieve that, when I briefly tried one on my BoP today it pulled my Aux power down to 5 points whether it started at 60 or 40. But whatever, if it works in PvP, good for you, it's still nothing more than a weak escort in PvE, because it doesn't have controls, isn't going to successfully tank the 30k through full shields torps that happen every so often, and can't stack enough powerful buffs to do high level damage.
your aux doesn't instantly restore after the first AtB expires, it creeps up at your transfer rate. so the second AtB is activated at that low, not all the way restored aux level, and the aux that didn't get used climbed up to its peek. plus EPtA is running, further keeping it healthy. its kinda sloppy, and the buffed energy levels are all over the place, but the cooldown reducing is the main thing. there is no comparison between 1 AtB and 2, 2 is massively better.

1 shots are 1 shots, usually just rotating EPtS and having knetic armor is enough to survive the BS borg torps. sometimes i use HE and TSS at low aux levels, and the heals arent great. but its like i have 2 copies of them, and they work great when i need them and i use an aux batt.
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