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Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
I've been feeling the same way about you for a while now.

No, CPB, the most powerful shield drain sci has, particularly since it's multi target. Maybe it is weak in PvP where your targets have resistance to it, but with only moderate Aux it can take down half a facing on an ESTF cube.

I did not say TBR, one of the riskiest powers to carry into an STF, I said TR, Tyken's Rift, the AoE power drain/torp killer which, with the high Aux the Vesta will allow, might just take down a target's shields for a full 10 seconds. Maybe not quite as good at single target as Energy Siphon, but the torp killing and emergency probe/BoP slowing make up the difference and make it a valuable way to protect your team.

I posted a full sentence on the many ways to use PSW, and I skipped a few too, for example it can also be useful if you can get in front of the probes in KASE and use it on them just before they reach you, giving you an extra 15 seconds or so to kill them and causing ~10% hull damage.

Maybe in PvP, although I find it hard to believe, but in PvE the delay, randomness, single target nature, and short duration make it one of the most useless powers there is. I suppose it's better than Mask Energy Signature, and AFKing is of course better than a poorly used TBR, but that's about all that can be said for it. Using VM is definitely wasting a boff slot that has better uses.

I'm perfectly willing to believe that AtB builds can be powerful, and it's true that I haven't tried one myself, I'm just not a cruiser person. But my math was accurate, and the fact that it's going to be nerfing almost all of the heals you posted severely is also accurate. If you want to do that you need heals that aren't going to be affected by the fact that your Aux power is constantly near or at nothing. Now, it does seem that the wiki was wrong and AtB does not currently share a global with EPtS, so you might get close to full uptime on that by this method, and that is certainly powerful, but it only goes so far, and when pressed you will find yourself without significant healing that can be used at a moment's notice. Worse, you're now running a ship without a real role: its healing is too weak to tank effectively, it of course cannot approach the firepower of an escort (all the more since you have neglected all sci damage), and it lacks the good controls and debuffs like GW and the energy drains, leaving only a random single target control/firepower debuff, another single target control, and the captain abilities that could be used to better advantage on a stronger ship and build.

To sum up: the information in your post is so backward it could be considered trolling, whether that's what you're trying to do or not.
looool thanks for the laugh, joke is on you.....
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