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11-11-2012, 04:19 AM
Do the tour, you can get 3.2m EC in the hour once you are level 50.

There is a channel called "TheRace", if you want tips you need to either ask 30m before a race or just after as the channel is dead when races aren't taking place and getting the 3.2m takes a bit of effort so people don't have many opportunities to talk during.

Outwith the race, take a look at the missions that can be replayed. A lot of them offer shields etc than sell for a reasonable amount, even if you just liqudate them in space.

You can also do a DoFF mission once you reach lvl40. It's called Negotiate delivery of rare commodities (NDORC) and is normally found in Cardassian space. This mission gives you an alien artifact that sells for around 800k at the moment. Once you complete that one, you can run the repeat version called Negotiate additional delivery of rare commodities (NADORC). There is a cool down on the second mission but you can get a nice steady income from this. Hard part is finding the first mission, people tend to be tightlipped when they come across it so that the market on the artifacts doesn't crash.

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