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11-11-2012, 05:19 AM
Im just gonna say it.... W...T..F... is going on... What is wrong with conversion "X" equals "XY".

This is not acceptable.

It could have been alot less aggravating if they just said "All STF related stuff is converted into dilithium" end of story, than this crap.

Doing this R.I.P off is not healthy for the game.

In a early stage they said something like,,, You can logg in to tribble server and see your conversion rate and then decide if you like to convert into dilithium or have the crate...

There is no conversion "rate"!!! x+xy+xz= "what we like you to have" is not a rate

The conversion rate what they have made is. Hard work=NOTHING

What about all the people that doesn't know/care about Tribble server? they have no other choice than to accept the rip off. Totally FUBAR

But they expect us to be Borg........."They will adapt"