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C-store Sovvy (Regent):

Ens. Tac:
Tactical Team I
Lt. Com. Tac:
Fire at Will I, Attack Pattern: Beta I, Beam Overload: III

Com. Eng:
Emergency Power to Shields I, Auxiliary to Battery I, Reverse Shield Polarity II/Eject Warp Plasma I, Directed Energy Modulation III (ES III if you want to be more team-y but I assume you're looking for a murder boat)
Lt. Eng:
Emergency Power to Auxiliary I, Auxiliary to Battery I

Lt. Sci (Uni):
Transfer Shield Strength I, Hazard Emitters II

Weapons (you can slot the torp in if you enjoy its gimmick):

Fore: 3 x Beam Array + 1 x DBB, choose your favorite color
Aft: 4 x Beam Array, choose your favorite color

Eng consoles:

3 x Neutronium, 1 x RCS

Sci consoles:

Borg, Tachyokinetic Converter (or a Field Generator)

Tac consoles:

3 x Energy type


Weaps batt, Aux batt, Shields batt, Subspace Field Mod


3 x Technician DOffs in your Active Space tray

This build is focused around hitting Auxiliary to Battery as often as possible. With your Technician DOffs (purple are best, but blue will do), this will do two things:

1. Bring all of your powers to their global cooldown;
2. Keep your weapons primed, your shields rock solid and your engines roaring.

This means you can effectively double your tactical strength, throwing out copies of TT, AP: B and BO as if you had more than one slotted. It also dovetails very nicely with DEM III because DEM scales based on your weapons power, and yours is almost always going to be either close to the weapons cap or above it. You can also get away with just the one copy of EPtS because you're constantly lowering its cooldown to the point where you're effectively running two.

It takes some getting used to, but basically you use your copies of Aux2Bat for going on the offence and you use your EPtA for recharging your aux for your Sci heals or whatever. You can also use EPtA to give yourself an even stronger power levels buff from Aux2Bat, because the latter scales on your current auxiliary power at the time of activation.

vids and guides and stuff

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