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I must say I'm extremely disappointed with Romulan Bridge Officers available from Embassy Provision Stores not having access to any customization options whatsoever.

Even though these officers come in several varieties (Tac/Eng/Sci, Male/Female, Uncommon/Rare/Very Rare) all of them look exactly the same within their gender.

What's so special about those boffs that they cannot have at least some customization options? It's not the Breen, Borg drone or Jem'Hadar which have some unique heads or costumes. I am able to change the looks of any bridge officer - many of which having their own costume options, like Orions or Nausicaans - yet I can't change anything about these romulan boffs - not even their face? Am I to assume Romulans are involved in some kind of cloning experiments? Because having more than one of those on the bridge is surely going to look silly...

Also, their clothes look like some old rags. Truly worthy of a starfleet bridge officer uniform...

But I guess this is "working as intended". We can't get Cryptic to fix KDF Marauding boffs tailor customization, which has been bugged since day one (nearly a year now), so surely allowing some customization on anything new is outside of their priorities.