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11-11-2012, 07:08 AM
@cichicichi: The point i'm getting at TBH is that even before this bug i saw loads of people spamming TBR in pve as a means of dealing extra damage, and it did was make things harder on everyone else. Often to the point of FUBAR'ing things. Reducing it to scratch damage rather than the still respectable 2k+ it can manage before insane scaling kicks in would be vastly prefferable from my PoV as it gets people to use it as intended, (a CC skill), and if it was scratch rather than no damage you'd still have your mine clearer, (hell they could give it a 10x multiplir like the PDGF console for fighters).

Also, you want a tatse of this yourselves. Go run fed mirrior event and close orbit a typhoon. Or re-play Crack in the mirrior. Mirror ships use it, and having been hit with it when under no fire whatsoever i can say that the damage is absolutly bypassing sheilds completl;y ATM. It dosen't even drain my sheilds yet knocks 20%+ per pulse off my hull. There's clearly more than a bugged particle generator skill at work here.