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Originally Posted by nynik View Post
Well, hopefully that will not increase for you. But I think its a good suggestion by zerobang to defrag the hard drive you play STO from.

Well there is no denying that high population instances do create these loading problems - although I've only ever experienced them when it was an issue affecting everyone due to old instances that were not terminating correctly when people had left them or were otherwise not functioning correctly.

24GB! I really think the majority of people who are not aware of on-demand patching and who have loading delays would have a much better experience if they were at least aware that on-demand was ON.

Actually, the delays are always there, regardless of time or server population. The population numbers really hinder the loading time, with ds9 and esd being the worst by far. Even without the on demand patching it still takes aeons to load. Granted my weakish CPU is likely to be an issue but I've got a bit of an upgrade coming very soon so I should be able to take that out of the equation in a few days time.
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