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Atrox carrier=NX-Graf Zeppelin. Graf Zeppelin was the first of a line of Yorktown class sized carriers that was made but never used in ww2 captured by the ussr and sunk on a anti-carrier exercise where she was bombarded by 26 1000 lb bombs and finally attained hull dmg to a torpedo sinking her.

Tholian Recluse Carrier=NX-Yorktown. Yorktown was the USN Fleet carriet in ww2 that was the staging area for some of the most important skirmishes and raids in the war(Dolittle raid anyone?)Big E was more decorated but Yorktown is still notable.

Chimera Heavy Destroyer=NX Prinz Eugen. She was the Bismarck's escort on the Bismarck's maiden voyage and assisted in the sinking of the UK BC hood