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Originally Posted by theoric View Post
Hey everyone,

I saved up and recently got a mobius time ship, I'm a tac captain and just wondering what the usual build is, i am currently running a single canon galor ship.

Funnily enough this is my first venture into the escort scene and am wondering what is recommended, ive seen one thread recommending the 3 piece temporal set, but am looking for builds without these items.

Thanks for the help

I just picked one up and so far, it's:

4x Polaron DHC [Borg] Mk XII
Borg Deflector
Borg Engine
MACO Mk XII Shield
3x Polaron Turret [Borg] Mk XII
1x Mk XII Electroceramic Armor, 1x Mk XII Neutronium armor
1x Tippler Cylinder, 1x Borg Console, 2x Field Generator
4x Polaron Console

Seems to work well enough when I was testing it in CSE and KASE.

For bridge officers:
Cmdr. Tac. TT1, CSV1, CRF2, APO3
Lt. Tac. TT1, APB1
Ens. Eng. EPtS1
Lt. Cmdr. Uni (Eng.) EPtS1, RSP1, AuxtoSIF
Lt. Uni (Sci) HE1, PH2.

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