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The purpose of this announcement is to inform you of a few matters related to Boot Camp. To begin with, the first PvP Boot Camp event will be held on Saturday, December 29th, 2012. As it stands, we will have two sessions?one for the N. American Continent and one for the European players. The date makes sense because it falls within the Winter break for many students and was a date that many of the coaches indicated would be open. In addition, by holding the event over one month after the launch of Season 7, we reduce the chance that the excitement over Season 7 will overshadow our efforts. And finally, setting the date so far in advances allows me to coordinate with Branflakes regarding the release of a PvP Boot Camp guest blog that will appear on the STO website (and possibly also I am also trying to secure some advertisement with a number of podcasts, whose production staffs often plans their shows a long time in advance. At this time, I am primarily working with Gates of Stovokor and Priority One, mostly because I am very familiar with the people who work there and am myself a blog author for Priority One. In any case, if any of you have contacts with podcasts other than these two, please send me an in-game email (@gradstudent1) and I will contact them.

I am also very pleased to announce that our very own, drkfrontiers (Blood Dragons), has created a website for PvP Boot Camp: This website will primarily function as a central information hub for PvP Boot Camp communications and advertisement. The STO forums, however, will continue to be both a channel for disseminating information and recruitment. So please continue to check the PvP Forum. Branflakes will disseminate any official information/announcements through STO forums as well. In the coming days, I will adding some information to the new site and will be creating a registration process whereby we can gather contact information on our coaches and students.

The main task of organizing coaches, advertisements, and other administrative matters is now before us. But first, here is a bit of general information about how Boot Camp will look like for the coaches. Each session will last 1.5 hours. Coaches will be given a great deal of freedom with respect to what/how they teach their materials. With that said, it is likely that I will provide each coach with a list of target tasks that his/her student should be able to execute with some level of competence. Target tasks look something like one of these hypothetical statements:

? All students will know which of their heals can be shared and how to share them with teammates.
? All students will know how to coordinate an attack using the subnucleonic beam science ability.
? All students will know the importance of power levels.

These are just examples, but they give you an idea of what kinds of goals this initial event will attempt to accomplish. Now, on to administrivia:

1. Coaches

Everyone on the list below has shown at least some interest in coaching for PvP Boot Camp. If there is an asterisk* by your name, it means that I tried to contact you in-game through email but the @handle I had was incorrect.

I need all coaches on this list to respond to this thread and answer the following questions, in this order please:

1. Time Zone
2. Faction (if both, please indicate)
3. Career/Ship Specialty (e.g., Engineer/Healer): There is no guarantee at this point that you will be working only with students interested in your specific specialty. In fact, you can expect your groups to be diverse, at least at the beginning. If we have large enough groups, we can break into specialty groups. But for now, expect diversity. Think about this first event as PvP Kindergarten. We want them to come away with concrete skills and a tiny taste of success that will give them confidence to keep doing PvP.
4. If your @ handle is incorrect, please tell me what the correct one is
5. If you have not already done so, please confirm whether or not you will be available on Dec 29th, 2012
6. Correct your @ handle below if incorrect.

Coaches @ Handles:

devorasx? (not correct)
thishorizon (horizon?)

2. Assistant Coaches

We are toying with the idea of having assistant coaches play a supporting role to the main coach. Anyone who has done any sort of hand-to-hand combat training or even sports training knows how important it can be to have a competent ?Number One? to serve as an example and to provide an alternative perspective. This idea is still up in the air and will depend on how many students we have and how many coaches can firmly commit to participating.

Sorry about the extra-long post. If you need to contact me personally, please use either my in-game email or my Priority One email: The Gmail is preferred.

Thanks again to everyone who has participated thus far. Boot Camp has the potential to be very successful. Over the next month, you will begin to see/hear more information, both through podcasts, the STO website, and through the forums here. If you have ideas you want to share, please either post them here or send me an email.



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