Thread: Fairness in PvP
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11-11-2012, 09:34 AM
As Shimmer said, it's not really realistic to have a personal or community blacklist. Nobody can stop people from using ciphons or SNB doffs. All that said, one players' blacklist might differ from the next.

Things tend to change in relation to how many in a given group are using something. AMS is okay if 1/5 have it and use it, but anymore then 3 and it makes PVP a chore.

Such things would not be needed of course if Cryptic would pull their thumbs out and stop releasing things that personify cheese/unfair/OP abilities, weapons and ships. Season 7's handful that includes the Vesta and rep system abilities have actually made me NOT look forward to a STO season. That's never happened before. Again, very sad.