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Hey.. Roach had something I said quoted in his sig last year that was there a few weeks.. If Roach quotes you in his sig... ITS AN HONOR YA SILLY NID!

Sheesh, some people..

KDF ships are indeed slightly superior up to tier 4.. in some case remarkably so. Tier 3 PvP fed worse case scenario 5v5 0r 10v10 is all of the KDF side in K'ting'a's (seen it happen once or twice always ugly brutal and very very very short fight..

Of special note.. BEFORE claiming KDF ships are OP.. go fly some FvK balanced teams in ships with thier STOCK weapons loadout. You may discover that KDF ships are not quite as op as you think. Especially at tier 5 and tier 5 plus..

KDF Cloak is OP! oh hohoho hehehe ahh *snort* yea right.. do you have any clue how hard it is to STAY claoked? DO you have any idea how many way there are to bust a cloak.. Many KDF rarely use cloak any more other then to close on a target and choose thier direction of attack... if you are finding yourself susceptable to KDF ships coming out of cloak then perhapes you need to learn how to select targets just a shade faster. Let me give you a little hint USE YOUR EARS.. Cloaking has two distinct sound one to cloak one to uncloak.. If you see a KDF ship start to cloak or uncloak SHOT THEM YA IDJIT! They got no shields! Yes, most importantly cloaked ship do NOT have shields up.. this make then terribly vulnerable to FED sci aoe abilities.. I cannot begine to tell you how many times photonic shackwave has voided cloak on one of my ships leaving me not only vulnerable to incoming fore BZUT UNABLE TO RETURN FIRE! cloaks got you down.. you need to go pick up a certain ship in the C-store. ya know, the one with that homing photon torpedo..BOP's worst nightmare..

second important note. in PvP especially against experienced players expect them to have a load out on thier ship of weapons and console along with selected bridge officer powers out of your worst nightmare.. because odds are.. they do. most experienced PvP'rs keep 2 full sets of weps and ship equipment, sometimes even 3..One for general PvE, one for STF's, and one for PvP. The general PvE set will be over all the weakest. Its not going to be optimized to dish out the damage and slot in with BO and captains powers best against other players.

Now, if you as a fed truely want to be OP.. then yank out your plastic and pop some money out for some zen for the vesta sir.. THAT ship is OP..all the way live OP, and the KDF does not really honestly have a ship that can match it. If you set it up right it will stay OP. If you want to do the Tac captain in a crusier sized hall thats a carrier, with a sci ships manuverability etc etc, and an escorts firepower.. baby.. that ships for you..

Learn the ships, learn the math, learn the consoles weapons, and powers. and don't come into the KDF forums whining KDF ships are OP.. it aint the ships... its the players...

If a KDF player kicked you but it wasn't the ship that was better then you, it was the player that was better then you. I can even prove it to you.. I'm utter crap at PvP in STO even in a good ship with a finely tuned weapons and system suite and the perfect bridge officer power and the perfect duty officers slotted in.. wanna know why? I'm a crappy typist that why and I hit the wrong keys, and i don't know the key board short cuts.. Sure I can whip the crap out of even elite STF's on a team thats short. Thats because the AI ships Always Do The Same Thing. Always React the Same Way, Always Behave In A Predictable Manner. I've yanked out top DPS honors in STF's with a KDF SCI captain flying a battle cruiser. But then.. I know the right weapons to pick for use against the Borg, and I have learned the right console mix and BO's to slot in. I'll out shoot the escorts, and out tank the fed cruisers, while using my measly. I can do that because i know my ship and i know the AI ships. in PvP i only know my ship and I'm slow on the controls.. so i die. a lot! (which by the way is why I don't do a great deal of PvP...because at this point in the game the fed players who regularly show up for PvP are way better then I am!

But some how I gotta feeling that as poor as I am at PvP, there is a certain fed I can beat... mostly because he belives I can.. cuz my ship is ya know.. OP.

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