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11-11-2012, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
Dumb suggestion is dumb.

Sorry but it outright stupid from a gameplay PoV to have a mine that is not in fact buffed by mine abilities.

The problem here is entierly that they made tric mines rediculouslly long CD weapons. Weapon damage scales upwards as CD increases. Put these on a 20 second CD with 1/3 the damage and the problem dissappears. Not to mention they gain a lot of non-pvp utility, right now silly CSE tricks aside they're a joke in PVE becuase they hit so infrequently.
The effect of Trig mines are felt in PvP more than PvE because the effect is felt by players.

Lower the CD does no improve the situation.

It only increases the the chance/ duration of abilities being offline. Not being able to react in STO PvP boils down to death.

I would much rather they reduced the extent of the explosion.

No weapon in any game should allow for instant-death. There is not even the possibility of countering these. You are instantly dead.