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11-11-2012, 11:09 AM
I'm a lifer played since beta and it has its up and downs, but now they are seriously taking the micky out the player base people.

its bad enuf grinding for fleet stuff now we goda grind for our reputation and embassy, have you completly lost the plot cyptic. its a good job i dont bother with starbase. but to make us do it with reputation sucks real style. you taking the fun and the play outa the game and sticking grind in there.

you have failed again to listen to community which you do say you listen clearly you do not justbrush us a side.

this game really gona last another 2 months. bring back the meaning of star trek into this game before you cross that no return line please listen to people.

or at least reward us with free dilthium or am i just being thick again