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Cole struggles to speak as the medical team arrives.

Cole: your systems may still be infected....
*On the Bridge.*

Sarok: Status?

Tech: It appears to have been a Borg data program - designed to keep computer viruses from hacking into our systems, or rather Borg systems, and to travel back along the data link and adapt the computer against that attack method in the future.

Sarok: Good to know.

Can we shut down the virus within Cole?

Tech: All we have to do is reprogram the computer to recognise him as an authorised data link. Then, he just has to interface with our systems again.

Sarok: Do it. Tyralik!

*A Reman walks over to Sarok.*

Has there been any trace that the S.H.I.E.L.D. Vessel is following us?

Tyralik: No, my Lord.

*The Valiant. T'mar is looking at the Viewscreen as the ship comes into orbit of the Denobulan Homeworld.*

Chester: Are you sure?

T'mar: The Reman who entered my mind was thinking of New Remus and Mol'Rihan before the connection was severed. Before that, his thoughts seemed to be on Denobula, and not in a friendly way.

Chester: Yellow Alert. Begin scanning for neutrino emissions.

Can you sense anything?

T'mar: Sorry. The psi attack was pretty brutal. I can barely hear the people on the surface.

Chester: Don't worry about it. Ambassador?

Soval: I am receiving the Borg return signal. If they're not here already, then they're close.

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