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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Cole: damn you what do you think you are doing.
Sarok: What does it look like?

Have them target the capital!

*On the Valiant.*

Agent: Sir! They've launched fighters toward the capital!

Chester: All fighters, scramble!

What ships are they?

Agent: Cobra class Assault Fighters. They've been enhanced with the same tech on that Scimitar.

Chester: Call all Federation Vessels in the area for backup!

T'mar: You can't fight that thing!

Chester: We don't have a choice!

There are 12 Billion People down there and I'm not going to just stand around while they're attacked.

Are we close enough to the Scimitar?

Agent: 10 Million km.

Chester: Activate Serina's override and get her back over here. Are the bridge holo-emitters back online?

Agent: Yes, sir. Activating override.

*Outside, several dozen Federation Fighters begin to engage the Romulan fighters.*
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