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11-11-2012, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by brazen1ace View Post
Ok so I just played on Tribble and the problem is mostly fixed. The screen still blanked on me. I did Vault Ensnared and the Starbase combat excercise to test this. both times it blanked on me a couple of times. Reducing the graphics quality to "Low" helped a little and reduced the number of times it blanked. It seems to do it when there is a text box popup on the screen or when I am in the middle of high intensity combat. Sorry I could not get any good screenshots of this happening. This is waaaay better then it was, but the problem is not totally fixed.
agreed. however, as mentioned, the problem is still happening when "dialogue" bubbles appear on screen every so often, and...the frame-rate is somewhat choppy, as opposed to Holodeck (where it looks perfect)