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Originally Posted by paragon92518 View Post
If the State of the Game: November 2012 Blog is read you'll notice the way it is worded. I'll paste the specific portion in orange below that I am referencing:

"As we move into the New Year, we will start to give some sneak-peeks related to our 3rd Anniversary Event scheduled to launch in early February. As an early teaser, this years' anniversary will have its own special Feature Episode and reward, so stay tuned for more info on that."

I know that comment is encouraging, but "open-ended" however,....if you combine that message with Priority One podcast Episode 97 New Frontiers: The Dan Stahl Interview beginning approx. 40 some odd minutes into the interview, Stahl explains the Ambassador Class could arrive as early as the holidays, but due to scheduling of employees, he couldn't yet commit. This was weeks ago. But it would appear that scheduling has since been arranged. Combined together (P1 podcast, and the blog comment), heavily suggest we will be seeing the Ambassador Class as STO's 3rd Anniversary approaches.
Okay, so we have a tanky cruiser, (The Odyssey ), We have cruisers that favor tactical, (the Excelsior and the assault cruiser refit).
Any guesses what flavor this one will come in? I'm thinkin it will be kind of sciencey. But since we're gettin the Vesta, maybe not...

I'm hopin the Ambassador will have enough punch to keep up with the excellsior and the Vesta. HEY, maybe it will be a skin for the Excellsior?

Anyway, it's another cruiser.............

I hope the KDF gets a cool ship too. Weren't the Klinks involved with this ship's history too? They could easily work in a Klink ship in too without too much thought me thinks.
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