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11-11-2012, 02:54 PM
Solar Wind, most boring map ever.

I wouldn't cry a tear for removing it.

It's really not the map to blame for the frame drop though, but Cryptic's unoptimized engine. I never ever managed to fully utilize any of my High End hardware with this game in certain areas.

Originally Posted by gardat View Post
You people who say you're getting lag on this map - mind posting your CPU, GPU and RAM so we can see whether or not you're trying to run this on an Intel Xtreme 3000 or an actual gamer card like a GTX680?

Because I love Solar Wind: it looks great and I NEVER get any slowdown or lag.
i7 3770K
GTX 670

The only way not to get my FPS below 60 is disabling Dynamic Lightning, Shadows, etc.
Again, unoptimized engine. The UI/HUD drawing process is also bound to two cores at most, and is obsolete compared to other games (Which all have the UI accelerated mostly by the GPU these days.

Lets not begin with the disappearing visual effects that have been happening since the day this game launched.

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