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11-11-2012, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
What we wish for is all good and dandy, but there is a realism out there that people will do anythign to get an advantage.

OFFCOURSE i want fairness and a fun game, but when you have Cryptic not doign something concret, then what can we do?
Incorrect. This is a generalization and you know it.

There are some, like TRH that will call it a handicap to go up against an opponent using P2W. In fact, this example was taken from YOUR fleet. Long before Yoda became a target caller in TRH, long before Delta, Draco, Hank, Chorkswald, or any of the current TRH roster. I took this example and began a long journey. This journey is now complete, and this fleet now employs a deterrence factor when it comes to Sub Nuke Doffs and a Handicap attitude towards those that use P2W.

Setting example sets the bar for competition. When you ask "what can we do?" it seems almost as though you were never around for the days when TSI refused and influenced this community not to use P2W.

I'm glad TRH doesn't share your attitude. I stand by what Hilbert said, don't give boxers guns before they enter the ring.