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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
So...I decided to play some queues today, mostly Arenas.

Now, while I've been enjoying my B'rel quite a bit in Ker'rat, it's fun, a part of my mind still said to me that 'these PvPers are just overreacting about overpowered stuff, P2W, and so on'.

I was wrong, very, VERY wrong.

I won't tell my tales, but I'll just say my eyes were opened, and ya'll are quite right. I saw much of the very things you all complain about here, and for good reason.

So I learned the hard way, but at least I learned.

This PvEer turned part-time PvPer better understands why you all think some things are overpowered, and agree considerably now.
Nice statement, but i think it also deserves to be said that most of who you are addressing are just as guilty by complaining about OP stuff, and as for using them at the same time.

I'm very sceptical of whether PvP in this game can ever be repaired, if i look at my own list of things which should change, the scale of those changes are so huge that it's almost unbelievable to make PvP wealthy again.

- First everything should get a balance pass, which will probably take at least 6 months.

- They need to decide to finally make all ships equal which is most likely going to interfere with their cash grabbing algorithms. Obviously not going to nerf any lockbox ships, so buff all the non lockbox ships. I doubt it will ever happen.

- We need retrait tokens, never going to happen. People don't bother with releveling for some traits which are (in my opinion) quite important. Even if it does happen, it will be paid.

- We need some way to get free respec tokens, without it, and they do constantly *** up the skilltree, you will again need to pay your way to optimization.

- Ship p2w consoles need more restriction, only 1 pay to win per ship is acceptable. Not ever going to happen.

- We need new PvP maps to keep PvP from becoming boring. Seeing how much maps they've come up with in the last 2 years... you might see a new PvP map every 2 years? (Thats positive thinking :p)

- We need a simple Shield distribution Toggle button on the UI instead of everyone mandatory to mess with binds. As it is now, the whole game is way too complicated to even be viable at PvP. Some PvP'ers already stopped playing long before they figure out you can actually bind your Shield distribution on your spacebar or WASD buttons. Most likely never going to happen, these kind of 'complicated' things will stop 95% of the PvP'ers at some point because they are all being instapopped and rely on RSP.

- PvP needs reward system, we need PvP gear and a PvP vendor where you need to PvP in order to get fancy new stuff, including fleet marks etc. Never going to happen.

- Cap'n lulz need a total revamp, too much work!

- Autofire and stuff is way to much trouble for the beginner PvP to comprehend on how to even set it up, and after 6 months of PvP they finally hear from someone else that its much better to use since we don't live in Season 2 anymore where macro'ing your weaponcycles could optimize your weapon firing. Suddenly they do much more damage. Takes months for someone to realize it, before that happens another 95% already couldn't be bothered with PvP anymore.

- The only PvP weapon gear that has never been made available in game is on the exchange rather then a official vendor i.e. Memory alpha always crapped you up with [dmg] crap etc, where prices for the best weapons are averaging at 100M ec, thats 10 times a normal free to play guy can possibly posses. and they tend to keep it that way, you realise that the only way to really gain such amounts of money these days is by gambling lockboxes and sell your fancy ships? Thats what they want you to do. They purposely never give any widely available PvP gear (mk XII [acc]x3) weapons because they want you to obtain money with selling lockbox ships in order to achieve your goal, if you didn't realise this yet.

- Powerlevels are set up like a total newbie would, they should change the 4th profile and rename it to auxiliary rather then 'balanced' All the newbies all need to figure out how the powerlevel thingies work and need to save them afterwards, I'm always so annoyed whenever i obtain a new ship i have to reset my 'balanced' 4 profile back to full aux.

- Doffs and MK XII purp consoles are also uber expensive on the xchange, and the only way to obtain them is the same story as for the PvP weapon gear story above, or do massive grind, literally EVERYthing in this game that is related to being good at PvP is simply some form of pay to win. There is absolutely no tradeoff involved like you play more and you obtain it with playtime, play less and you are a rich man you can pay with real money, they stated it like that in the new f2p system and yeh im sure it will go nicely hand in hand with PVE.

Long story short, first of all this game's PvP need so much time investement from the player to even get close to becoming a good player is so very huge, 95% of the players simply couldn't be bothered. If you only find out certain things like distribute shields which is vital for your survival in PvP only after 6 months of playing PvP itself, most people wouldn't even be bothered playing PVP that long they've already gotten battered dozens of times and gave up. It probably already has been mentioned before that the learning curve is just huge in this game for PvP, I'm pretty sure this will only get more and more extended to a final point where there are only 10% of the current PvP'ers are left)

In order for this game's PvP to improve, not just PvP would need a revamp but the whole game would have to undergo drastic changes which is simply inevitable, even if they decide to somehow 'seperate' PvE from PvP (Which I highly doubt will ever happen, they will most likely tell us that the 'engine' simply cannot handle it like they say about all kind of things.)

The saddest part about all this is how the community itself is even making the whole experience even worse, they all complain p2w OP this ability OP that. FaW, Spread, Trico Mines, Danube spam, and now TBR as I've heard.

90% of the PvP community simply abuses those potentially overpowered aspects all the time and cry about it the other day, its just sad. Even if in my opinion it's the players fault here which makes PvP an even less enjoyable factor of this game, part is ofcourse to blame by crappy developers which have absolutely no idea what they are doing. It was no bug, this is no bug. TBR buffed this much, is that a bug? I havent tested it but i heard it can spike people with 20+K per pulse. However, I still think that this PvP community and their players is the icing on the cake on ruining the already horrible PvP in this game, which is really sad.

Funny thing is, most of this thinking could most likely be affiliated with a crappy player simply being crappy :p

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