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11-11-2012, 03:04 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
Well, a number of us are putting in extra time right now, though admittedly I'm a slacker and only working occasionally today, and from home.

As to the question about the Duty Officer Dilithium changes -- that was not an intentional omission from the patch notes. Blah blah technical mumbo jumbo something about different branches for data... so I missed them when I pulled the information for all the new stuff.

As for the change itself, I'm only responsible for reporting the changes, not deciding or making them, so I can't tell you anything about it you don't already know. I will make sure it's communicated better when we get Season 7 to Holodeck, and I apologize that there was any question about it when Season 7 hit Tribble.
From a PR perspective, I'd strongly suggest you guys cover new dilithium acquisition methods in the same post. This is really more of a note for Brandon.

Especially on the forums, people are fixated on the acquisition methods they're losing. There are a few new acquisition methods.

Additionally, you might want to reiterate places where you removed dilithium costs.

Beyond that, I think it would be ideal if you guys could internally cook up a few new methods of reliable acquisition. For example, a small dilithium reward as one of the optional rewards for mission replay. I'd look at giving them all 480 dilithium as an alternative to other rewards and then taking feedback on which longer missions might call for 50% more due to length.

Then if you need an extra sink, maybe add a DOff mission for each mark type that converts dilithium into each mark type as well as dil to commodity assignments. Particularly if tied to Colonial, Trade, and Exploration CXP, which seem like three of the hardest to get.