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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
FAW is not a viable option unless you are in a cruiser build.

Also, due to the spam of carriers it is not viable to enable targeting of pets and mines because the screen becomes so cluttered you cannot make out anything. Trying to target anything is virtually impossible.

I have no problem with mines been used or that they should be effective.

What I am against is the ability to destroy any ship instantly. There is not even the possibility of trying to recover or heal yourself. You are dead.

Also, from this thread the majority of the posters who are ok with the tric, seem to only care about what they can blow-up in STFs and show little interest in balance.

These mines in their current state are not even remotely balanced. Their critical dmg excess any ship's hull by thousands.

The argument that mines should cause this kind of damage is laughable.

Also, in the heat of a dogfight, perhaps in PvE you can enjoy the view, but in a close quarters PvP match, there is no possible way to keep your eyes focused on 5 players trying to kill you, managing your team, and on top of that navigate out of the way of mines.

If you think that's a possibility, I invite you to tag along in a few arena's to prove you wrong.
I love cruisers.... Anyways....

Is this against a shielded or unshielded target? Yeah it's a huge amount of damage... it's like getting hit with several tricobalt devices simultaneously...

It sounds like your real issue is that you're playing in a ship that has a fundamental weakness to mines.

BTW did you consider TBR? If you can guess approximately where the mines are it should work.

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