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11-11-2012, 03:51 PM
Ugh. KASE run on my sci alt in a fleet recon sv. First time I've ever put an entire team on ignore, not so much for being bad (although it certainly was a contributing factor in one case) but for more effort being put into talking trash than actually playing the game.

Let me just preface this with a claim you all are probably going to find quite dubious: I can top this thing out at around 4000 dps (with tbr, but not abusing its bugged state, I refuse to screw my build's survivability up to accomplish that), which should be more than adequate for a sci ship. So I consider it the first sign I'm going to have a bad day when I top out the dps chart on a team that has an escort (or several, as was the case here) on it. A team of all cruisers or cruisers and sci ships? Not a surprise, most cruisers can survive a hell of a lot more than I can, but sacrifice damage output to do it, and most other sci's I pug with simply have no idea wth they're doing). But escorts? Escorts should get 4000 minimum, not <1100 and having trouble killing probes. So yeah, that was the second sign of an impending disaster.

There is no third sign of impending disaster in this one.

Optional is failed after about ten minutes (which is about how long it takes me to grind down the right transformers and gateway; key to grinding down the gateway solo in the time it takes a team of idiots to get one transformer down: fly underneath and park straight and level at a distance of about 1.7-2k, and you can get all beam arrays and torp launchers firing at it, with no dmg range falloff, nor will you get shot at if you have aggro), and so I call out the escort on probe duty (using antiproton dhc's, antiproton turrets and quantums, so I see nothing inherently wrong with his build, although tbqh we'd have been better off if he were an afker) for it, which sets the whole rest of the team off. Massive trash talking ensues, and five more probes make it past them (while I'm killing probes the fail escort is having trouble with) as they park outside firing range of the remaining gateway.

It takes the team another two minutes to grind down the gateway (seems the trend for idiots these days is sitting pretty, facing a target with dual beam banks and letting half one's dps potential go to waste) while they spend that time talking trash while I'm off killing probes just to keep things from failing altogether.

Donatra fight was fun though, simply due to how hilariously inept that team was both at tanking the torpedo spreads/salvos and how uninclined they were to stop talking trash, even while facing down thalaron beams and sitting still, mashing out poorly-typed third-grade insults in team chat. Just took forever. I saved their bacon several times *while* they were talking trash due to judicious use of tractor beam repulsors, while spreading heals around (hey, i'm a sci, what the hell else am I gonna do? sit back and watch? I was sorely tempted to!). Knocking Donatra around seemed to egg them on further, I guess they liked getting killed cuz they only seemed to get really annoyed when I'd keep Donatra from wiping them out.


So yeah, a team of trolls, and one minmaxer in a science vessel taking the brunt of the team's abuse for *gasp* actually knowing how to play the game.

-- Lyra@PyrionCelendil, if anyone wants to friend me (this is my sci alt; Nylith@PyrionCelendil is my main) for STF runs, build advice or whatever else.