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...and at the same time one of the most ugliest.


this game is a bit confusing. the "exploration class refit" or what everybody is talking about is the galaxy refit so there is

the default galaxy
the refit galaxy and
the galaxy-x

just for your information. the default galaxy cannot seperate while the refit can. dont recall the galaxy-x can or cannot do this as well.

you will find more confusing names for classes that actually have a name (like defiant class is called "tactical escort".. dont know for what reason they do it like that).
You missed one out, there's another Galaxy variant too. At the moment the list is as follows:

Basic Galaxy - T4 Cruiser.
Galaxy/ Venture Refit - T4 +1 Cruiser with the AMS console.
Galaxy Retrofit - T5 Cruiser with a Saucer Separation console.
Galaxy X - T5 Cruiser - No Saucer Separation although it was planned then dropped and not mentioned again.
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