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11-11-2012, 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by tc10b View Post
Spawn Camping in PvP literally makes it spawn and die and seems to be a common "tactic" particularly in ground PvP. It just sucks the fun out of it, no matter which side you're on.
An example of something that makes perfect sense in meaningful PvP and something that's just tedious in casual PvP.

One can look at it as there are folks that have played meaningful PvP in the past and just do not know how to adjust to the casual environment...

...or one can look at it as the bullying hierarchy thing - something where people feel kind of small in their real lives and they're going to grab for anything that might give them a chance of not feeling so small. Often this means chest bumping after shooting fish in a barrel...

...or heck, one could look at it as a simple quest for tears - that sustenance some thrive upon and get the most joy out of: the more they can do things to make folks complain, the warmer and fuzzier they feel on the inside.