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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
At a rate of 10 commendation per mission (which is what it is for diplomacy), it wouldn't be an exploit.
It is because there is no cooldown and can run concordant with assignments, depending on the length it could possible to rank well over 100 XCP in a hour, this might not sound like much but assignments dont give that much per hour.

As I continue to expect that Cryptic updates their old DXP missions and Aid the Planet with tangible CXP rewards those are still Cryptic own missions.

And even as an author, I want people to play for the rewards and the experience available, not just my writing. I'm NOT interested in being a fanfic writer and if the Foundry is confined to JUST being a fanfic platform, my interest in it goes out the window.
You always be a fanfic author in STO until you land a job at Cryptic and work on STO story.

Whoever writes the stories at Cryptic is in no obligation to follow or accommodates on what goes on the Foundry since to start with, that is a impossible task since everyone have their own ideas.

Also if you have to bribe people so they can play ... that says all and I am going to say this, when the 2800 FE come out there was a lot of criticism level at Cryptic about the missions, if you lure or force people into playing Foundry missions they will aim their guns at Foundry Authors, and if you force then they come with a grudge.

If you're worried about people exploiting 10 CXP on a minimum task basis (which is what the current diplomacy XP is; a pure one click wonder won't grant it) and Cryptic shares those concerns then, heck, they might as well rip the whole thing out.
Oh I brought that up because the Daily Clicker was a "exploit" but considering it had a 20 hour cooldown it was roughly about 60 Dilithium per hour, I am not worried about CXP but the moment Foundry Authors get their hands on handing out rewards is when it all break apart since if the Clicker was a exploit based on Foundry missions having no criteria to qualify for Officers Reports daily then what criteria should be used for handing out CXP? Should it be left to the same Foundry Authors that also happened to be the ones that created the Daily Clicker?

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