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11-11-2012, 05:48 PM
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Why not just remove all the Dilithium from the system? Now the only ones remaining are 1440 or less per mission.

You can't force people to spend more time in your game by removing rewards. It then becomes a waste of time and you'll see fewer players, not more.
STO have a lot of content and story but people need good reward, or will be just do the same missions everyday, all missions should give marks and DL so people get interest in actually do all kinds of missions, taking all rewards from missions is push away the interest of players and not invest in development of the game with new missions and story anymore, so PW can concentrate and develop cosmetic to zenstore to make more cash and also with less DL from reward is kind direct players to buy anyway since can't collect the DL good enough to trade in DL Exchange.

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