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I've just managed to amass 10,000 dilithium and have spent it on foundry slots. Yay! Trouble is, I'm having a hard time with my first mission.

Here's the setup: the player talks to the diplomat in Admiral Quinn's office and is told to go to Vulcan and pick up an NPC, which is where the mission begins. This is simple enough. Once you get to Vulcan, you start the first map, which is where the problems are arising.

This map is a space map which contains a derelict Cardassian cruiser which I've got labeled as a contact. When the player reaches the contact, my intention is for the player's tactical officer to in form the player that the ship is, in fact, a derelict, and recommends beaming aboard (which initiates the next map). The trouble is that I can't figure out how to attach the costume of the player's bridge officers to the Cardassian ship - I'm instead getting error messages that the bridge officer's objective is an invalid object type. Can anybody help me?